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We accept check and most major credit cards. We also accept financing through our finance partners, see below -


LENDING CLUB - www.lendingclub.com/dental
Call 1-800-630-1663 to get started OR Apply online OR stop by the office for assistance.


This plan offers:

  • Low monthly payment payments

  • No upfront payment is needed

  • No hidden charges or fees

  • A confidential, simple application process

  • No payment is due for 3 to 7 weeks


CARE CREDIT - www.carecredit.com

Listed below are some of the credit plan details:

  • Pay for co-payments, deductibles and treatment not covered by insurance 

  • Start treatment immediately and pay over time with low minimum monthly payments 

  • Pay for other healthcare expenses for your entire family with re-applying each time

  • Reserve existing credit cards for household or unplanned expenses 

  • Have no annual fees

  • Have 3, 6, 12 months to pay with a No Interest plan (subject to credit approval)

  • Have 24, 36, 48, 60 months to pay with a Low Interest plan (subject to credit approval)


CARE CREDIT ( espanol ) - www.carecredit.com

Con CareCredit usted podra:

  • Conseguir el tratamiento que necesite aunque no este incluido en su seguro medico

  • Comenzar inmediatamente el tratamiento (sujeto a aprobacion de credito) 

  • Tener un pago mensual bajo

  • Evitar costos anuales Y penalidad por prepago 

  • Reservar sus otras tarjetas de credito para gastos imprevistos que no sean del cuidado de la salud

  • Realice el pago dentro de 3, 6, 12 meses sin interes (sujeto a aprobacion de credito)

  • Realice el pago extendido de 24, 36, 48, 60 meses con tasa de porcentaje anual baja  (sujeto a aprobacion de credito para gastos de tratamiento de $1,000 o mas.)

We are now accepting new patients. Contact our office today to see if you qualify for finance options.

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